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This website is for your pleasure. I hope you will enjoy it and that it might be a solution for producers, retaliers, creative ideas and manufacturers when you need someone to help you with your marketing and brand.

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You may spread the message of this website but not use the material for your own purposes!

All material is protected by international copyright laws. It´s necessary to mention this so it will not cause you any problems in the future. I have a gift as most of this planets citizens. My gift is creativity and I use it as my main tool when I work for customers or in projects free of charge for volontary purposes from time to time.

Sharing is caring. But its up to me what I wan´t to share or give away.

I ususally always gives more than I take. This means that in a private relation with an apprentice or intern there are situations when giving is winning. However, this can´t be a statement with open doors. I need to have control over my own copyrighted material. If you are unsure, please send an e-mail and ask.

Laws and contracts.

There is no doubt about it. pages like these are seldom read because they are so damn boring. I agree on that and therefore will I try your attention by asking you to solve a riddle.

Share without offending in a gentlemens agreement.

I am sure there are creativity in you as well, and if we share we can evolve and develop new productions together.